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Charo is a singer, musician and actress who was born on January 15, 1951 (though some sources report her birth date as March 13, 1941), in Murcia, Spain.

She emerged as a star in America in the 1970s with her Latin sassiness, sexy outfits and signature phrase, "Cuchi-cuchi." She appeared on .

He tried to charm me into a sip of his beer, grinning hard even as I said no. I was in such a fog that I don’t remember how I got home. I was afraid of how my loved ones would react—that they’d confirm it was my fault or refuse to believe it happened in the first place. News reports catalogued reporting rates and rape kit statistics.

Harder still when I told him to put the condom back in his pocket. I made my body into a flopping fish, struggling against the air. My rapist’s threats created this silence, but I was the one who kept feeding it. Suddenly, the term “trigger warning” was everywhere.

You’re not a virgin anymore.” When I pleaded with him to stop, he called me a bitch and a slut. If I told anybody what had happened, he’d tell a different story—a louder one. At night, I huddled under my stars-and-moon comforter and wished I could die. Furthermore, a study at the University of Gottingen in Germany found that people who do it less often tend to take on more work to compensate for their frustration. Research shows a great way to ward off anxiety is by connecting in bed. “When a woman is stressed, the hormonal changes in her body trigger a chemical reaction causing sex hormone–binding globulin to bind with testosterone cells, so they’re unavailable for libido and sexual response.” And, in a pattern familiar to many women, sexlessness due to stress makes you more tense and even less sexual.When he kissed me, he tasted like beer, hamburgers and barbecue potato chips. It reminded me of the way I held Pop Rocks underneath my tongue when I was a kid, pressing hard against the candy’s zing. When I kicked free, he followed me into the hallway, tackling me to the ground before I made it to the first stair. Eventually, my secret became as destructive as the rape itself. Twitter hashtags sprouted like mushrooms: #Been Raped Never Reported, #Yes All Women, #Believe Women.I liked the curved bow of his lips, the way his body made a question mark over his guitar, how his toes turned in like a pigeon’s when he walked. No when he bore down on me, his weight and movement burning the rough carpet against my skin, turning it bloody and raw. His clothes were back on and he was no longer interested in sex. , scrape away the credibility of his accusers, and realized her questions were ones I’d asked myself a thousand times. Activists encouraged women who’d been raped to toss out the word “victim” and call themselves survivors.

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