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The above links to his Tumblr, where he posts most of his shorter cartoons. (updates every Sunday)Genre: alien If you want a longer story from De Forge, Ant Comic is probably one of the weirder things you'll read.

It's up for an Eisner Award nomination this year, and Adventure Time is lucky to have him onboard as an artist. Two sailors are walked off the plank of a Victorian ship. Format: serial narrative (updates every Saturday)Genre: action/horror A rare action comic that creeps under your skin without using any words.

Format: spooky short story (takes a minute to read)Genre: HORROR HORROR HORRORIf you show this comic to anyone with a heart condition, you belong in jail.

Follow along with the imaginative adventures of 6-year-old Calvin and his trusty tiger, Hobbes.

Bill Watterson Pearls Before Swine is about a nasty Rat, a sweet Pig, their animal friends, some dumb Crocs, and a bunch of really, really bad puns.

On a small raft, sassy mermaids arrive to throw shade on their entire lives. Sam Alden's one of the best dialogue writers out there (see below for "Eighth Grade"; also the bitter sweet family drama of Farmer's Dilemma), but here he forgoes words entirely. Format: serial narrative Genre: fantasy/sci-fi The comic unfolds briskly and grittily.

Format: mid-length short stories Genre: super dark comedy One big room, full of bad witches. Format: serial narrative Genre: Brooklyn roommate drama Grumpy organic grocer and ekes out her frustrations in Brooklyn. It never stumbled over itself to explain its futuristic feuds, warlords, and prison systems to you, but you'll absorb its rules along the way.

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